Online therapy and counselling

Hi I'm Steph, I'm a Person Centred Experiential Psychotherapist, graduate of Staffordshire University and fully registered with the UKCP.

Traditionally therapy has taken place in a therapy room within a practice and indeed I have my own therapy practice in the Nottingham area. However there is a growing trend towards remote therapy using innovations such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This trend accelerated during the pandemic but even now many people prefer this form of therapy.

The therapist's role is still the same however for the client there are a number of advantages.

  • They are at home in a familiar, safe and comfortable environment, with familiar objects ... even pets.

  • They don't have to travel to a particular location saving the stress of a journey

  • They can have a greater feeling of privacy, they're not going to bump into someone they know

  • There is always the option to book an occasional face to face session

  • Accessibility, for some with certain physical ailments, anxieties or other issues, leaving home is not an option

  • Inhibitions, some people feel more comfortable talking from their home environment

  • Accessible even to those in rural areas

  • Convenient, easier to fit into a busy life

If you feel that online therapy may be of benefit to you please contact me either by email or using the form below and I'll get back to you to arrange a free initial consultation.

Stephanie Lockett Psychotherapy
Stephanie Lockett Psychotherapy
Online therapy and counselling
Online therapy and counselling

Stephanie Lockett

UKCP registered psychotherapist

MSC (PCP), BSC (OT), Cert Ed


A session lasts for a full hour and costs £50 with evenings or weekends at no extra charge. There is also the possibility of block booking to reduce the cost.

I have limited availability for reduced cost sessions for those on a low income, this can be discussed on an individual basis.

Cancellation : If cancelling a session then please give at least 24 hours notice.

An initial consultation and informal chat is free, so please get in touch.

Quick contact form - please feel free to contact me with any questions or to arrange a free initial chat.

To contact me please email or use the form below.

I will usually reply within 24 hours so if you haven't heard from me please check to make sure my message hasn't gone to spam.