Choosing a Psychotherapist

There are many factors to consider when choosing a psychotherapist, such as:

Their qualifications and their experience: You should check that the therapist is registered and accredited by a reputable professional body such as the UKCP or the BACP. You may also be interested if they specialise in specific and relevant issues.

There are many different types of therapy, such as person-centred, cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic, humanistic therapy, etc. You can ask questions about their preferred style and methods to see if this would ‘fit’ with your requirements and goals. Never be shy about asking questions.

The cost is important. Do they offer discounts for block bookings or lower rates for those on a reduced income. Also what is their cancellation policy ?

Do they offer a free initial consultation? Many therapists offer a free initial 15 minute phone call. Some even offer a full session for free to evaluate whether there can be a good and productive working relationship with you.

In what form will the therapy be ? In person ? Online ? via telephone ? Is the therapist flexible enough to work with your preferred method ?

These are some of the main criteria in choosing a psychotherapist, but ultimately you need someone with whom you feel comfortable and safe.

Good luck with your choice and your journey.

choose a therapist
choose a therapist
Stephanie Lockett, fully qualified PsychotherapistStephanie Lockett, fully qualified Psychotherapist

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